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Questions Answered

Can you tell me more about yourself?

I am no stranger to entertainment. Since 1988 I have been entertaining in some form or other. Over the years I have worked as a Wedding Videographer.  I have been the DJ at parties, school events, and runway modeling shows. I have been lead singer in a rock band as well as performed solo. I majored in Communications and was a member of the radio club in college. I was even invited as a guest spot on the University of Tennessee's radio station at the time...NewRock90. I have also been an approved DJ for Westgate Resorts. Still today, I love what I do and I love to see others have a great time because of what I do.

What's in your music collection?

I do not favor one music genre or style over another so my library is very large and diverse. Some of the genres (and this does not include the sub genres) are 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, Classic Rock, Country, Dance, Rap, Jazz, Motown, Oldies, Pop, R&B, Rock, Blues and the list goes on.

For what type of events are you available?

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Wedding Receptions, Corporate Events, Engagement Parties, Holiday Parties, College events, Proms,  Modeling Shows, Sweet 16 Parties...etc.

Do you place a limit on the amount of music requested?

No, the only limit is time. I work really hard to honor requests made. Sadly, the event often ends before all requests have been played. I will do everything I can to taylor my service to your event including working out a playlist in advance as well as requests from attendees. On some occasions attendees can make requests with their iPhones or iPods.

If you do not have a special song that has been pre-requested, do you require it be provided?

You are never required to provide music unless it is rare and unavailable on the mainstream music market.

Do you use any special equipment?

Often the latest fog, laser and LED lighting equipment is used. This is optional as some events do not require dance lighting.

Do you use the microphone often or just simply play music?

This is the great thing about having a DJ available. Depending on the situation, the DJ often "reads" the crowd and tailors his performance or music accordingly. This is something an mp3 player cannot do. If you request that I do not speak or would like only a guest speaker to speak and I only provide

 music, this is ok too.

Do you book more than one event in a day?

I do not. Each booking is unique and will get my full attention on the day of the event. This allows for better planning and creativity.

Is the client required to provide your meal? Do you take scheduled breaks?

You are not required to provide my meal. As for a break, I enjoy what I do so much, I rarely take one (unless it's an emergency). 

Will there be music during your breaks?

If I take a break at all, I have created some short, pre-mixes for the moment.

What style of DJ are you?

I spin mostly music for a dancing crowd however I do not favor one style of music over another which helps me be very versatile. If the crowd is not there to dance, I can create a great ambiance with background music for the event or I will get your party started with music that will get the crowd on their feet and to the dance floor. Music brings us all together and dancing or not, it is always about having a great time.

How do you dress?

I plan my attire according to the event and or your request. I will always be neat in appearance and professional.

Do you DJ alone or with other DJ's?

When you book with the Mobile Audio Machine, you will never get DJs who are contracted out, DJs in training or backup DJs. When you call on me, I will be your point of contact as well as your DJ. This allows me to focus on the special event at hand and allows for more creative planning with you.

Do you rent or use your own equipment?

All equipment is my own professional, name-brand equipment and lighting. All equipment needed for the event can be set up on the day of the event and taken down the same day. No equipment is ever left overnight or at any time unattended.

How much time do you need to set up? Do you require a table or other furnishings?

Furnishings are not required. I will arrive early in order to set up and prepare for the event.

What if no one is dancing? How do you get the party moving?

This can be done vocally or musically. When a DJ "reads" the crowd, he often studies the mood of the event. When it needs a lift, he then will interact with and motivate the crowd with the microphone or a change of music. When it needs to slow down, this can be done musically as well.

Do you require a minimum amount of time to perform?

Generally four hours is the usual minimum amount of time however, anything is possible and I have done more or less. I am versatile, easy to work with and to use DJ terms, I like to mix it up a little.